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Table of contents

2022Journal 15   Special Issue on Illness and Death in Yonge’s Novels
Tig LangIllness and Character in Charlotte M. Yonge: The Heir of Redclyffe, Dynevor Terrace and The Daisy Chain      
Barbara DunlapEpidemics and Contagious Diseases in Charlotte Yonge’s Novels
Clemence SchultzeNurse–Patient Relationships in the Novels of Charlotte M. Yonge
Clare Hanmer‘Those gems of women’: Anglican Sisterhoods in Charlotte M. Yonge’s Novels
Julia CourtneyDeath as a Determinant in the Novels of Charlotte M. Yonge
2020Journal 14   Special Issue on The Three Brides & Country Houses
Julia Courtney‘Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman’: Standing by your man in The Three Brides
Terry BarringerMiles’ ‘Cape Gooseberry’: Anne’s South Africa
Clemence SchultzeCountry Houses and their Economic Base in Yonge’s Novels
Barbara DennisWilliam Gibbs and Tyntesfield
Susan WaltonHursley Park and the Heathcotes
Appendix: Two Visitors to Hursley and Otterbourne: the Danas in 1856 and 1875
2018Journal 13   Special Issue on The Heir of Redclyffe
Clare Walker Gore‘Better off than if I had as many legs as other people’: Realism, religion and disability in The Heir of Redclyffe
Barbara DennisCharlotte Yonge and the Oxford Movement
Julia CourtneySintram and The Heir of Redclyffe: The pleasures of intertextuality
Penelope WallaceThe Incest Themes in The Heir of Redclyffe
Joshua Braley‘Read me a psalm, Amy’: Reading as a social activity in the novels of Charlotte M. Yonge
Mary BirchAmabel and Mary Verena: A curiosity
2016Journal 12   Special Issue on CMY and Waterloo
William Crawley YongeMemoir of the Services of Field Marshall Lord Seaton
Ian YongeWilliam Crawley Yonge: His military career and the controversial role of the 52nd Regiment at the Battle of Waterloo
Hilary ClareField Marshal Sir John Colborne: ‘So true a specimen of Christian chivalry’
Susan WaltonCharlotte Yonge and the aftermath of Waterloo: Military Men in reality and imagination
Julia CourtneyCharlotte Yonge and the Russians
2014Journal 11
Julia CourtneyMother Goose at the Fin de Siècle
Barbara DennisCharlotte Yonge and the Ecclesiological Society
Barbara DunlapAn English Churchwoman in the Confederacy
Eve FisherThe Perils of Excitement: The other lesson of The Castle Builders
Joy WottonCharlotte Yonge’s London: Belgravia and Westminster
Charlotte M. YongeOur Grandmother’s Education
2011Journal 10 Special Issue on The Pillars of the House
Julia CourtneyThe Pillars of Charlotte Yonge’s House of Fiction
Terry BarringerPillars, the Pursuivant and the Victorian Provincial Papers
Alys Blakeway‘The Press is King’
Barbara J. DunlapThe Shop and the Reading Room: Stationery and sensation at Froggatt and Underwood
Barbara DennisPro Ecclesia Dei: The Post-Tractarian Church in The Pillars of the House
Margaret BirchLearning and Godly Conversation: Preparation for ministry as related in The Pillars of the House
Tig LangTheodore Underwood – an Autistic Child?
Penelope WallaceAlda Underwood: the Scarlett O’Hara of Bexley
Audrey FesslerEnid Grisell Mary: Charlotte Yonge’s Ambivalent Portrait of the Fertile Mother in Pillars of the House
Tamara WagnerCharlotte Yonge’s Wild West Story: Scalping the Domestic Chronicle’s Heir
Rosemary MitchellThe Pillars as Picture-Book: The significance of art in Charlotte M. Yonge’s The Pillars of the House
2009Journal 9
Alys BlakewayCharlotte Yonge and the City of Winchester
Barbara DunlapOn the Track of Percy’s The Crusaders
Diana PowellPersonal Influence: Spiritual empowerment in the presence of psychological uncertainty in The Heir of Redclyffe
Julia CourtneyMiss Fennimore Meets Mr Gradgrind: or Hopes and Fears for these Hard Times: Oppositions of fact, fancy and faith in C. M. Yonge and Charles Dickens
Leslee Thorne-MurphyAunt Charlotte Visits the Wild West: a history of Aunt Charlotte’s Stories of Bible History
Appendix: Publishers of Charlotte M. Yonge’s Stories of Bible History
2008Journal 8
Lucy SullivanA Clash of Cultures but not of Values? The Problem of Mrs Charnock Poynsett in Charlotte M. Yonge’s The Three Brides.
Dom Andrew JohnsonThe Six Cushions: Feminine submission or autonomy?
Amy de GruchyCharlotte M. Yonge’s Historical Novels: the influence of Scott
Maria Poggi JohnsonThe Slave and the Stumbling Block: Charlotte Yonge’s portrayal of primitive Christianity in The Slaves of Sabinus
Tig LangMiss Yonge and the Supernatural.
2005Journal 7
Barbara DennisClever Woman of the Family: Charlotte Yonge and the higher education of women
Hilary ClareMedical Training: Mays, Wards and Brownlows
Amy de GruchyCould Ethel May teach?
Cleodie MacKinnon‘The trivial round, the common task’. Occupation and vocation in the novels of Charlotte M. Yonge
2003Journal 6
Barbara DunlapCharlotte Yonge: Embodying the Domestic Fiction
Ellen JordanCharlotte Yonge, Macmillan and the Sunday Library
Lucy SullivanAgainst Individualism
John AlvesThe Genealogies of the Interlinked Families in Charlotte Yonge’s Novels set in her own Time
2000Journal 5
Hilary Weeks‘Just men made perfect’: The Heir of Redclyffe and Victorian chivalry
Cecilia BassLe Château de Melville
J.R. WatsonThe Child’s Christian Year
Janet ClarkeGeorge Eliot and Charlotte Yonge
1999Journal 4
Amy de GruchyHopes and Fears
Stella WaringA Passion for History: a very personal look at Charlotte Yonge’s historical novels
Cleodie MackinnonSisters and Pillars: a possible model for St Faith’s, Dearport
Valerie SandersBrother/Sister Relationships in Charlotte Yonge
1998Journal 3
Alethea HayterMiss Yonge and the Feminists
Dom Andrew JohnsonRandom Choice or Character Delineation: family Christian names in The Daisy Chain
Dorothy RalphsPopular Manners
Mary ShakeshaftWhittingtonia
Cathy Wells-ColeCharlotte Yonge’s Heroes
John AlvesLetter to the Editor: Some possible literary sources of The Trial
Philip DrazinThe Contributions of Charlotte Yonge to Periodicals
1997Journal 2
Cecilia BassSome Possible Literary Sources of The Trial
Barbara DunlapHeartsease and Mansfield Park
Alethea HayterMourning and Funeral Customs in Charlotte Yonge’s Novels
Elisabeth JayCharlotte Yonge’s ‘Gleanings’ from the Rev. John Keble
1995Journal 1 Papers presented at Inaugural Conference 18/11/95
Bethia BellCMY’s Dialogue
Lyle EveilléLetters held by The Cheltenham Ladies’ College
Amy de GruchyThe Monthly Packet
Cecilia BassCMY’s Narrative Art in three Family Chronicles

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