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Charlotte Mary Yonge: Writing the Victorian Age

Book cover with portrait of Charlotte Yonge

An important start to the bicentenary year is the publication of a collection of scholarly essays on Charlotte M Yonge: Charlotte Mary Yonge: Writing the Victorian Age, edited by our members Clare Walker Gore, Clemence Schultze and Julia Courtney, and published by Palgrave Macmillan. More information is available at the publisher’s page for the book.

This collection of essays (many by CMYF members) celebrates Yonge’s literary achievement and explores her work in context.

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1          Introduction  Clare Walker Gore, Clemence Schultze and Julia Courtney

Part I             Home and Family

2          ‘What I Can Myself Remember’: Charlotte M. Yonge’s Life Writing  Valerie Sanders

3          A Woman’s Outlook: Charlotte Yonge’s Sense of Place  Julia Courtney

4          Charlotte M. Yonge and the Long Victorian Family: Instructing the ‘Mother-Sister’  Tamara S. Wagner

5          ‘A Lady with a Profession’:The Governess, the Invalid, and the Woman Question in the Novels of Charlotte M. Yonge  Clare Walker Gore

6          ‘Hard Cash is A Necessary Consideration’: Money and Class in Charlotte M. Yonge’s Novels of Contemporary Family Life  Susan Walton

Part II           Society and Ideologies

7          ‘The Wheels of this World’: Science, Enquiry, and Progress in Charlotte Yonge’s Novels  Clemence Schultze

8          Charlotte Mary Yonge and the Concept of Conservative Community  Rosemary Mitchell

9          Architecture, Faith, and Charlotte M. Yonge  William Whyte

10        Charlotte Yonge and Mission  Barbara Dennis

11        Charlotte Yonge and the World beyond Europe  Terry Barringer

Part III         Criticism and Reception

12        Looking Through the Past: Charlotte Yonge as Historical Novelist  Hilary Clare

13        ‘A Sort of Instrument for Popularizing Church views’: Charlotte Yonge, Her Mentors, and Her Publishers  Ellen Jordan

14        Charlotte M. Yonge, Religious Conversion, and Victorian Modernity  Gavin Budge

15        Charlotte M. Yonge and the Realist Tradition  Maia McAleavey

16        Reading the Reception History of Charlotte Yonge  Talia Schaffer